Sunday, March 20, 2011

Secret Beach no. 3/ Secret Beach Live

Confidential to my Chicago-area fanz: I will be "reading"/performing (?) at Quimby's on Tuesday (~7:30 PM) and pimping Secret Beach #3, which will be, if not piping hot off the presses, at least still warm to the touch. Even better, I will be reppin' alongside mainman Al Burian, of Burn Collector fame, who's here from Berlin on a whirlwind victory tour celebrating the release of BC #15, as well as Mizz Anne Elizabeth Moore--former Punk Planet jefe, author/editor of several dazzling tomes and all-around purveyor of righteousness. AEM and myself are proud contributors to the latest Burn Collector, whose theme is purportedly Chicago vs. Berlin, and if we're lucky Anne Elizabeth will be reviving the hilarious Berlin Wall bit I saw her do in Berlin last summer--a gnarly meditation on capitalism that finds the missing link between Al Qaeda and David Hasselhoff. It should be an entertaining and edifying evening, so please do come!

Did I mention brand-new editions of the great Burn Collector and your own Secret Beach? SB #3 will feature long (but gripping!) pieces on Venezuelan-born rock goddess Yva Las Vegass and queer photographer/baseball celebrity Jerry "Bleacher Preacher" Pritikin, as well as a shocking preview chapter from my forthcoming novel--a bounty of content that virtually justifies the magazine's $2 cover price; and my Quimby's appearance, in honor of Teutonic Al Burian, will feature Germany's two greatest exports (techno music and spaetzle, duh). If you're not convinced by now you must be brain-damaged!

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  1. Fuck yes. I'm looking forward to seeing all three people "perform."

    One of my topics of comforting conversation for tomorrow night was going to be "I heard a few years back you were working on a novel, did anything ever come of it," etc etc. There goes that ice breaker.