Saturday, March 12, 2011

Fun with counting

It's late, I'm stoned, and I just want to pop in briefly to share a delightful song from a groupI know virtually nothing about--Theoretical Girls, a New York something-wave band who released a lone single in 1978. The song, also titled Theoretical Girls, (here in a vastly superior live version), features little more than one good chord and the numbers one through four, the most basic and vital of all rock + roll ingredients-- 1-2-3-4 being unquestionably the most ubiquitous "lyric" in popular music (not to mention, as breathless countoff, the most thrilling moment of many songs). Then, around the one-minute mark, there's a sudden leap forward, the count suddenly reaching seven--the band clearly ecstatic at having reached this numerical milestone. If nothing else, the song is a gleeful tribute to the joys of counting, a should-be hit with the preschool demographic, and a grin-inducing numbers song on a par with Spencer Tweedy's recent Single Digits. Enjoy!

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