Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Secret Beach Poetry Corner


Band on the rumpkin
Whiskers on a banana
Car means cloud,
Places parentheses in
a thousand eyes
that can surrender tears

A poison sent
A flower rolled
Awake on a wizard
a toad
These frogs don’t laugh at birth
They lie with thunder
and pitiful worth
that lay within the womb
I see--your funky
sacredness of life
seems lost upon the play
Those superficial, standing
With missiles for penis
want to play

Shadows o’er freight
my dusty, dirty one
You shall see the devil—
I’ve seen you with my son

Simpleminded center
Simpleminded such to think in words
I play your Shakespeare’s monkey mouth


Miserable tattoo upon this forehead
I laugh and pray
It’s all your lives I weigh
and I weigh your lives every day
with your concern with yourselves.
I see what I say
And I say what I see
From there
to eternity.

I am Frank Sinatra:
I left my hat
In Helen’s card room

Charles Manson - Excerpts from "I Don't Need Water Sprinklers in the Desert"
from his 2005 album One Mind

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