Saturday, January 22, 2011

Give Up on My Girl

Not usually one to repost videos from the Internet, but I thought I'd share this 2:30 of punk-pop loveliness that I stumbled across, from totally forgotten Chicago band the Cleaning Ladys and featuring 10 year-old wunderkind Jason Narducy on guitar and vox. He was also a member of seminal Evanston kiddie-punk band Verboten, and a quarter-century later, Narducy, still living in Evanston, would end up as my boss at Inside/Outside Painting. He still plays music, a touring bassist for old farts like Bob Mould and Robert Pollard. But dig this geeky, exuberant video--and for a 10 year-old, Narducy delivers lines like Social Security/And creeping senility with startling conviction:


  1. He's currently playing with those young farts, Telekinesis (Merge Records).