Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Garden of Noise pt. 2

Speaking of children's gardens of noises, I have a new favorite band here in Chicago. They are, unfortunately, an elusive bunch--don't seem to have performed since 2009, no recordings available, scant internet presence--but this solitary video of the Indonesian Performing Arts Chicago (iPAC) children's gamelan orchestra, apparently the first + only children's gamelan in North America, sufficed to blow my mind: the costumes! the pageantry! the hammers! and the dizzying rhythmic and harmonic complexity of the music, which is like none other on earth--this shit rules!

And, fuck it, for some bonus mega-mind-blowage, check out this asbolutely bonkers youth gamelan from Bali, who apparently play every Thursday behind the Ubud Water Palace:

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