Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday v. 3

Dragged my sick ass out of bed today for my third annual Black Friday Photo Safari at the State St. Macy's. I don't know exactly why I keep coming back, other than it being a way for me to participate in the debauch without dropping any lucre--it's not as if the scenery changes much from year to year. Although, there did seem to be a few more of these guys--thanks, #Occupy!--hanging around the fringes:
The "BA" on the man's coat, FYI, stands for Bob Avakian. Sigh... Other than that, it was the usual paroxysm of people, products and pretty colors: grownups buying candy--
Piles of unwanted toys--
squirming children--
plenty of bacon--
and some rather photogenic odd-couples--
--the challenge of this type of photography being, of course, that people (with the frequent exception of small children and the elderly) don't much like having their picture taken by strangers while they're trying to shop or whatever, forcing me to shoot-from-the-hip to avoid wrath-incurring. People, get real--yr. phizzogs aren't proprietary product!

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