Tuesday, August 30, 2011

On a Final Note

Dumbass judge Rotten Milk with contest-winner Meg McCarville
In a final dumbass twist, my Spitbutt antics (see below) have been recounted in sordid detail over at Vice Magazine as part of their Ultimate Dumbass coverage, and the "band" was apparently more than the author could handle--Spitbutt Was the Last Straw, blares the headline. I question the veracity of the report (I certainly don't remember crying) and take vehement issue with the portrayal of my "bandmate" as a "fat wasteoid type," but I suppose having a performance described by freakin' Vice Magazine as "the ultimate act of degradation" is an honor of sorts--a highly dubious one, but an honor nonetheless. And now, after all these years, my bared bum has finally found its way onto the 'web--it was bound to happen sooner or later. Hi, mom!

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